Young Adults: 6 ways to save money in college and still have fun

Phroogal - Save while having fun in college

6 Ways to Save Money in College and Still Have Fun

By: Kevin Watts

If you are currently in college and are looking for ways to save money while having fun, then you should consider putting the following six tips to save money while having fun to use. By using as many of these tips as often as possible, you will find that it is possible to save money while having fun. To save money, you should plan on visiting several websites online, downloading the Groupon app and shopping wisely. By taking all of the following tips into consideration, you will be on your way to saving a significant amount of money while you are in college.

Phroogal - Save while having fun in college

Limit How Many Times You Eat Out Each Week

If your goal is to start saving money while in college, then you have to think of ways to save money on the items that you purchase the most. Most college students spend thousands of dollars per year on food and eating out. Whether you eat out once a while or more frequently, you may want to eat out less often to start saving money. Instead of eating out with your friends, you should prepare a meal a couple of times a week and have all your friends over for a dinner party.

To save money, you can buy all of your groceries in bulk at a large discount supermarket. Another option is to ask all of your friends to chip in or bring over their favorite dish to share with everyone. If staying in is not an option and you must eat out, then you should always look for great deals on Groupon.

Visit Groupon Online or Download The Groupon App

To start saving money on restaurants, entertainment and other activities, you should always check on Groupon before paying full price. Each day, Groupon posts some great deals on restaurants and other entertainment in and around your local area. Many college students use Groupon each day to find great deals on practically everything they need. Students can find the best deals and start saving money by visiting Groupon online or downloading the Groupon App.

Whether you are looking for a deal for yourself or are planning to go out with all of your friends, you can save money on restaurants, entertainment, activities, clothes and so many more things in and around your local area.

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Purchase Clothing, Accessories and Shoes Used, On Sale or at a Discount

Another way that college students can save money while having fun is to spend less on clothing. Instead of purchasing the most expensive designer clothes, college students should look for ways to buy clothing that is affordable. To start saving the most money, students should plan to shop around and do some research online before buying anything. The goal is to find clothing stores that offer deep discounts and great deals on clothing.

In addition, students should consider buying clothes that are slightly used from a thrift shop or a consignment store. By taking the time to do a little research on ways to save, college students can save money while having fun.

Never Buy What You Can Get For Free

To save the most money, college students should always do their best not to buy items they can get and use free of charge. For instance, instead of spending money to buy CDs, DVDs and books, college students should think about signing up for a library card from the local library to use these items absolutely free of charge. College students who begin putting their local library to use are amazed by how much they can save by using the library once in awhile.

Limit How Much You Drive or Do Not Drive at All

If you are at college and rarely use your vehicle, then you may want to consider doing away with your vehicle for as long as you can. Owning an automobile can be very expensive especially if you pay for your own gas, maintenance and car insurance. If your goal is to save money, then you should limit how much you drive or choose not to drive at all.

If you live on campus, then you can probably get away with not owning a car. Students who do not live on campus should think about asking friends and family members for a ride to and from school to save money.

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Rent and Buy Used College Textbooks

Each year, college students spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on textbooks. If your goal is to save money while having fun, then you should always shop around for the best deals on textbooks instead of paying full price. To save money, many college students are renting and buying used college textbooks these days. If you are interested in renting textbooks, then you should take the time to visit Chegg online. Whether you buy used from the bookstore or rent textbooks from Chegg, you will wind up saving a significant amount of money.

If you are a college student and you are looking for ways to save money while you have fun, then you should consider using these tips to save the most money while you are in school. By consistently taking all of your expenses into consideration and doing everything you can to cut back, you will be on your way to saving money while having fun all the time.

Kevin Watts is the creator of Graduating from Debt. “I was like millions of recent college graduates in heavy debt with very little hope. With the right attitude and discipline I took control of my financial picture and now I can say proudly that I am debt free.” Follow him on Twitter: @gradfromdebt

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  1. In the real world, I know twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who are just barely getting by on a series of low-paying part-time jobs. How are they supposed to save 20% of their income?

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