Top 10 Money Blogs with the Word Frugal

Phroogal Best of the Best Money Blogs

The word frugal is commonly associated with thrift or cheap. But, that’s not the case. Frugal has become hip and a word used by many to show their financial savviness.

We read a lot of personal finance blogs. There are so many great blogs out there but today we’d start with our favorite personal finance blogs that sort of share our name. These blogs exemplifies our philosophy that frugal doesn’t equal cheap. Frugal is a way of life and Phroogal is a lifestyle of living life rich through money savviness.

Check them out and follow their journey, stories and reviews. They are quite an amazing group of…ahem…phroogal experts.

Phroogal Best of the Best Money Blogs

Top 10 Money Blogs with the Word Frugal

Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules is a combination of  a personal money journey into financial freedom along with reviews and well written money advice on a variety of topics. John, founder of Frugal Rules, graduated out of college with $20,000 in credit card debt. Since then he’s worked hard to spread financial literacy so that others may be inspired by his journey.

Our favorite blog post – Why So Many People Fail at Being Debt Free. In this post he stresses the 4 pillars that people need and often lack.

Follow Frugal Rules on Twitter: @frugalrules

Frugal Beautiful

Frugal Beautiful is about fashion and frugality. Shannyn began sharing her quest to learn more money management while spending on things that mattered most to her. It’s a great read on living a glamorous life on a budget.

Our Favorite Blog Post – I Bought a Pair of $600 Louboutins. She perfectly articulates that frugal doesn’t mean cheap. It means knowing when and where to spend your hard earned money.

Follow Almost Frugal on Twitter: @frugalbeautiful

The Frugal Farmer

The Frugal Farmer is a family focused adventure ride on living way below means with a focus on self sufficiency. It’s about a family of 6 (Rick and Laurie and their 4 children) leaving suburbia to the Midwest. Their heartfelt desire and actual plan to get out of debt deserves applause.

Our favorite blog post – Don’t Let the Success of Others Keep You From Achieving Your Goals. We compare ourselves to others but comparisons only make us feel like failures. Instead focus on successes and make more of them.

Follow The Frugal Farmer on Twitter: @thefrugalfarmer

Frugal Confessions

Frugal Confessions share our belief that life can be lived in financially smart way. Amanda who lives in Houston  writes about ways to live life with frugal decadence. It’s not about cutting out the joys. It’s about stretching the dollar to do more of what matters for much less.

Our Favorite Blog Post – How Much Money Could Be Lurking in Your Clutter? We’ve talked a lot about selling clutter to make extra cash but we never actually wrote about literally finding cash tucked underneath stuff.

Follow Frugal Confessions on Twitter: @frugalconfess

The Frugal Girl

The Frugal Girl has the pictorial version of living life on less. Kristen’s posts are filled frugality tips, DIY projects and recipes. We love food and discovering ways to make food while following a story makes it even more exciting.

Our Favorite Blog Post – Let’s start with the bad news. And then I will redeem myself. We’ve thrown away food because they’ve spoiled but alas here comes Kristen to the rescue.

Follow The Frugal Girl on Twitter: @thefrugalgirl

Frugal Portland

Frugal Portland is a guide to understanding money. Kathleen graduated from college in 2004, loaned $20,000 to a friend which ended badly and began her journey to financial independence in 2009. She has a unique voice that’s straight forward and will make you laugh.

Our Favorite Blog Post – How to Save Half Your Income. It’s an interesting post on how to ingrain the savings habit.

Follow the Frugal Portland on Twitter: @omalleyk

Frugal Babe

Frugal Babe posts everything in living life with not a lot of money. Her journey started with $30,000 of debt to now living comfortably with her growing family. The mom and family focused posts can give you ideas on cooking meals, saving on groceries and gift giving.

Our Favorite Blog Post – Biking, Walking, Running… They’re Not Just Exercise and Entertainment, They’re Transportation Too! I’ve used my own two legs to get around town and haven’t owned a car for 2 years.

Follow Frugal Babe on Twitter: @frugalbabe

Frugal Upstate

Frugal Upstate is about saving money but keeping it simple. Jenn started the blog in 2006 and remains focused on the importance of learning about living a richer sustainable life with less. You’ll learn about cooking, gardening and DIY projects with her posts.

Our Favorite Blog Post – This Is Your Year to Start Your Garden. Simply because I love fresh food and once grew tomatoes in my Palo Alto bedroom.

Follow Frugal Upstate on Twitter: @JennFowler

Frugal Mama

Frugal Mama has the mom approach on frugality. The blog which is advertisement free focuses on sharing ways to live life inexpensively. The blog updated once in awhile still holds true about finding the fun in saving money.

Our Favorite Blog Post – Why I Am Dropping the Business Side of Blogging (My Truth About Making Money Online). It’s an older post but still true to its charm about balancing life with professional and monetary ambitions.

Follow Frugal Mama on Twitter: @frugal_mama

Being Frugal

Being Frugal is your average mom living life and sharing what she’s learned with others. It’s a mixture of posts around making extra income, paying off debt and sharing these successes and failure.

Our Favorite Blog Post – Homemade Cleaning Products Recipes. It’s economical, safe and easy to do so why not try these alternative methods to cleaning.

Follow Being Frugal on Twitter: @beingfrugal


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    1. Thanks for the great blog. We’re working on more ways to let our Phroogies know about fellow bloggers who believe in living life rich.

    1. You’re welcome. We’ve followed your blog for quite some time now and happy to share it with our phroogie community.

    1. We definitely agree! We said Top 10 Frugal blogs but these are definitely some of the best blogs around. Keep up the great blogging.

    1. I agree. I stumbled onto it a few months ago and was compelled by her convictions in balancing living a life, blogging and making money.

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