Staying Positive During A Rough Job Search

Stay Positive Job Searching

Editor Note: Recent news of job growth doesn’t make it any easier to find a job. It’s still quite difficult and takes persistence and planning to get from jobless to employed. It’s important to stay positive and committed to finding a job. You can say it’s a job to find a job. The following is a sponsored guest post from Helen Evans. The key is to say motivated and use available resources.

4 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated While Job Searching

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Sometimes landing an interview can be easy and happens quickly after a resume has been sent. On the other hand, getting a job offer can take a bit more time. Even with the effective use of resources some good luck might be necessary so that the right person gets to see your resume. However, after some time not receiving any offers can dampen the spirit. It can lead to depression and even anger. It’s important to note that you may be the ideal candidate with the right skills for the job but the decision maker wasn’t able to assess your skills properly.

It takes a lot of time to find a job and the added stress from financial obligations without a steady paycheck can weigh heavy. If you’re spending a lot of time looking for jobs online, sending resumes and preparing for interviews, it’s equally important to stay positive. Your mental state can impact how you convey yourself in written form or how you project yourself during an interview. Just because you failed to get a job with the last six companies doesn’t mean you treat the 7th interview with a demotivated presence.

A good attitude will help you. Here are a few ways to ensure you stay positively focused.

Shift Your Focus

Even though the key to getting a job is persistence and dedication, you shouldn’t get too obsessed with it. Putting all your energy and efforts into the job search and ignoring your feelings and emotions will literally burn you out. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time and personal space to enjoy the good things in your life. Watch a movie or catch up with your friends, bake some sweets or spend a day with your partner – just leave yourself enough room to breathe. Focusing on positive aspects of your life and remaining active will lower the stress and tension caused by job search. This gives you a clear mind while job searching, application submissions and interviews with enthusiasm not desperation.

You Are Not Alone

There are millions in America having the same difficulty in finding a job. Remind yourself that you are not alone. A depressed mental state will be read by an interviewer and can cause you to be passed over for another person. To remind yourself that you’re not alone, actively engage with other job seekers and visit forums online and attend networking events. If someone asks you what you’re doing respond with, “I’m currently seeking employment.” These job boards, networking events and meet ups are informal interviews. Surrounding yourself with job seekers and job networkers can make you a stronger candidate and could lead to a job referral.

Find Alternative Income Sources

A big issue with job searches is that there is no income coming and that can add stress. When you’re job seeking look for alternative ways to make extra cash. There are multiple ways to make money such as selling items online, organizing a yard sale or offering your services to clean homes, yards or simply doing odd jobs for others. Advertise your skills and availability on your social networks. Email your family and friends to ask  about potential odd jobs and offer your services. Doing some work while job searching makes you feel more productive and keeps some cash coming in to pay  bills. When you feel productive and have some spending cash it supports a healthier mindset.

Stay Busy

Our job takes a good amount of our time and so once unemployed, you find ourselves with a lot of free time. The feeling is contrary to how we imagined what our lives would be if it wasn’t spent working all the time. Now, with a surplus of time, carefully plan your day filled with activities that include  job searching, personal development and hobbies. Keep yourself busy developing your skills not watching TV.

What are some ways you keep motivated or have kept motivated while job searching?

Helen Evans is Marketing Manager at and has been in the career development field for 5 years. She likes to share interesting tips to help people find their dream job. Her goal is to share what she has learned about the best ways to job search. Her motto,
“A dream job is closer than you imagine.”

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