My personal finance journey. Part III: Joining Phroogal

Phroogal, Max Martinez

I started to understand the idea about social collaboration and the Phroogal lifestyle. You are living life, being surrounded by family and friends, making a difference in the lives of others and experiencing the world all through how one manages money.

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Becoming Phroogal

After Cornellious, it was time for graduation, which is just another word that means “grow up.” It was time to say goodbye to Cornell and move on to new things. My plan was to move to San Francisco using all the money I had in my bank account to start a t-shirt company that gave back to education in America. However, I soon realized that my t-shirt company was just an excuse to move to the Bay Area, the place to be if you want to be involved in startups.

It was easy for me to see that the t-shirt company wasn’t what I wanted to pursue. When I pursued winning the Nike Combine, running MaxyClean, or creating Cornellious, I was thinking about the task at hand all day and couldn’t sleep at night because I was working so much. I got to San Francisco and I was getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Something was wrong and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. For a while, I really thought I had made a mistake by coming to San Francisco without such a concrete plan.

Phroogal, Max Martinez

It was weird coming to the west coast and having such a large time difference, but of course there was one person that would definitely be online at 2am EST. Jason was busy working on Phroogal, the website I would always enjoy hearing about. He had moved from the Bay Area back home to New Jersey to save some money (what a Phroogal thing to do). Jason and I talked and he mentioned that he was looking for a cofounder. Of course, I didn’t even think he was considering me because I had just graduated.

So there I was, living in one of the most expensive cities in America with no idea what I wanted to pursue. I was living as frugally as I had ever been and saving as much money as possible to hold me over for the time being. I just wanted to help people, give back to the community, use social media, and live a happy, frugal lifestyle, but I just didn’t know what job would allow me to do all of these things.

Stay Phroogal

One afternoon, I went to the gym and put my backpack in one of the 250 lockers in the men’s locker room. When I returned after my workout, it was gone. Inside that backpack were my wallet with my debit card, health insurance, and my United States Passport. Yes, my United States passport was in my backpack. I had been carrying it for two years after I lost my driver’s license.

That night, I spoke to Jason and he sent me some questions to ponder (great word) about Phroogal before we spoke on the phone. Instead of just pondering them, I answered them thoroughly. When I believe in something, I go for it 100%.

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Everything in my life had pushed me towards his vision of helping people with money through social collaboration. I knew first hand that people needed help with money because I had been down that road personally and seen people go through tough times. I learned through my business ventures that social media really helps build things and that it is best when used as a tool. I knew exactly of Jason’s redefinition of frugal into the Phroogal lifesytle.

So here I am today helping as co-founder of an amazing startup, working with a friend that has helped me a ton, building not only a website but a lifestyle. It took me some time to get to where I am today. It took mee my own personal hard time, meeting my friends from Southside Chicago and Johnstown, Ohio and working with the two hard working women in my laundry business to get to this point.

Phroogal is going to revolutionize the world and help people live happier lives and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Jason in building his vision. Money is a tricky thing and if we could all collaborate and help each other, this world could become a very different and happier place to be.

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