Introducing Our Phroogal Campus Ambassadors


As part of our effort to spread the importance of financial literacy and our website, Phroogal, we have hired four student ambassadors on the east coast to help us spread the word. Each one has a different story and reason and for joining Phroogal’s team, but the one reason they all share is that they believe Phroogal can change the way people think about money and can really become that go-to place on the internet for all things money!

Conner Armstrong                              

Cornell University                            CONNER1


Major: Communications

I come from a very loving and supportive family including my mom and dad, sister who is about to turn 24, and brother who is about to graduate college and turns 22 next month.  I have always been an extremely hard worker throughout my life, always wanting to be the very best in anything I did.  I would consider myself to be very personable as I am a bubbly person who just wants everyone around me to be happy and smile constantly.  I really believe my calling in life is to help people, whether that be in a huge way or simply putting a smile on someones face, I want to do it!  I am so excited for what Max and Jason are doing with Phroogal.  The whole concept of being the largest financial knowledge-base resource can, and I believe, will change future generations to come for the better!  Everyone needs a website like this to live a financially stable lifestyle and not have to stress out so much over money.  From direct answers from questions asked to blog posts, Phroogal will be the go-to for people looking to live a rich lifestyle!


Clara Luz Ponce                             

Kean University                          CLARA1


Major: Interior Design and Marketing

My name is Clara Luz Ponce, I’m 19 years old and I want to get my masters in Architecture afterwards in order to create homes that are safe, efficient, and refreshing to my future clients. I want to be able to help in my community because it’s always good to give back for what I’ve learned. Phroogal will be perfect because there isn’t a go to place to find information I need on things like student loans, FAFSA, and all other related programs. I’m very excited for the opportunity to be a part of Phroogal!



Alex Randall                              

University of South Carolina                          RANDALL1


Major: Communications

Alex is a student leader on campus in scholarship, leadership and community service.  As a member of Delta Delta Delta she helped meet the fundraising goal of 15 million in 3 ½ years for St. Jude Children’s Cancer Hospital. Alex is President of Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society and served as social media chair of the Greek Programming Board. She also uses her social media marketing experience as a Marketing Intern for Carolina’s SEC Conference Athletics Department. In addition to her on-campus activities Alex is a classical singer in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Latin, an avid sports fan of the Gamecocks, a competitive golfer and social media guru. Her strong and diverse involvement in leadership and activities on and off campus and knowledge of social media provide her with an excellent platform for spreading the word on Phroogal and its ideals. Alex especially believes Phroogal will help to educate college students in proper financial management while in college so that they can manage money more wisely and enter the workforce with a solid understanding of good spending habits, budgeting, checking/savings accounts, credit cards and retirement investments.

Patrick Chalvire                          

Florida International University                          PATRICK1

Major: Journalism

My name is Patrick Chalvire. I am currently the beat writer for the FIU men’s basketball team and Web Journalist for WSVN in Miami. I am an aspiring sports broadcaster, with hopes of becoming an ESPN anchor.

I understand that money is what helps make the world go round but also understand the importance of saving. I see the way our society spends money and the amount of people who are not educated in finances and the simplicity of saving your money for your future and I know Phroogal will change that.

With their continued success, Phroogal can assist people in truly understanding that instant gratification is not necessary. Having to buy anything and everything right away may be nice at the moment, but to enjoy those valuables and for continued happiness, smart moves must be taken. Moves that Phroogal has clearly shown expertise in and it is just one of many ways this company can better our society for our generation and generations to come.

We are very excited to have Conner, Clara, Alex, and Patrick on board. They believe in Phroogal and we believe in them!

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  1. I just love that you guys have created such a great team of young people to teach others about successful personal finance. This is life-changing stuff here. It’s time to give people an alternative to the “normal” American life of instant gratification and debt, debt, debt. Great job!

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