Infographic: Tipping Etiquette. How Much Should You Tip?

Phroogal How much should you tip

We’ve talked about tipping needs to be factored into our budgets. Many of the things we do include service professions whose livelihoods are based on tip wages. So what is the proper way to tip without breaking your own budget?

Recently, I was out with some friends and the issue of tipping resurfaced. Bills were broken down based on what each person consumed but the tips were determined by the total amount of the bill.

So for a person on a tight budget spending $10 on a salad and then being asked to shell out another $3 is a huge chunk of change. It’s not tacky to ask for a separate bill or only pay my portion of the tipping amount. I don’t mind being called “frugal” with a chuckle.

It really wasn’t fair for the other person who spent $30 to only add $3 to the tip.

Of course I had to point out the disparity – 30% tip on a $10 purchase while the other person pays only a 10% tip on a $30 purchase. Who really is the cheap one?

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We found this infographic from that you can use as a guide for tipping. This may help you determine the right amount to tip in a variety of occasions.

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    1. Yes. My friends understand this about me but meeting new people I end up going through this discussion. I always find it interesting when the label “cheap” or “frugal” is used and then I explain the situation on fairness.

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